Other precautions

Physical coins

Services are shrinking, allowing bitcoin investors to buy physical bitcoins. The coin you bought will have a counterfeit sticker covering a predetermined amount of bitcoins. To buy a physical coin, you may have to pay a small premium over the value of the bitcoin you buy, due to the cost of producing and shipping the coin itself.

Spare copy

Back up your entire bitcoin wallet early and often. In the event of a computer failure, regular backup history may be the only way to recover currency in a digital wallet.

Be sure to back up all wallet.dat files, and then store the backup in a few secure locations (such as USB, hard disk, and CD). Not only that, set a strong archive password.

Software updates

Keep your software up to date. A wallet running on non-neon bitcoin software can be a soft target for hackers. 

The latest version of the wallet software will have a better security system, thus increasing the security of your bitcoins. If your software is updated with the latest security patches and protocols, you can avoid a major crisis due to the enhanced security of your wallet. 

Constantly update your mobile device or computer operating systems and software to make your bitcoins more secure.


The concept of multi-signing has gained some popularity; it involves the approval of a number of people (say 3 to 5) to complete a transaction.

In this way, this limits the threat of theft, as a controller or server cannot perform transactions (ie, sending bitcoins to an address or retrieving bitcoins). 

People who can make deals are decided at the beginning, and when one of them wants to spend or send bitcoins, they require others in the group to approve the transaction.

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